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Scenic View of the Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Where is Rémi?

Basque Geographer in America...

And Beyond!

Rémi on top of Mount Whitney



My name is Rémi Bardou, and I am a French (Basque) Geographer, with a  Ph.D. in Geography from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

I have created this website to present my academic research, as well as my explorations of the American continent… and beyond!

I left the Basque Country, France and the European Continent for the very first time in July of 2011. I had recently been accepted to the study-abroad program at the University of California, Los Angeles and made my way to the United States.

This became the perfect opportunity to explore a new continent! Fueled by my inner geographer and explorer, I have discovered hidden gems and breathtaking landscapes you can’t always find on a map.

I didn’t need much to travel happily. A used van, some camping gear and a few canned Basque delicacies were all I needed to drive across North America…

Taking on adventures so far from home lead my family and friends to constantly ask:

“Where is Rémi?”


It was then that I realized it would be a great idea to share all the beautiful places I've had the opportunity to visit with not only my friends and family, but anyone who is interested!

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